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About Powerloaders

Our story starts back in year 2000 when Alvaro was appointed as an independent contractor to work for one of the largest multinationals in USA to develop and grow their business in South Florida. This contract came with extensive and specialized training to prepare Alvaro and his crew to the highest standard and to follow strict protocols on customer service and all aspects of the business.

Following 3 successful years as an exclusive contractor, it was time to move independently. In 2004 the new part of the journey for Powerloaders started. With a small operation and all the pains of searching for customers, we quickly started delivering amazing customer service, customers complemented our services and in a universe with no social media or limited internet, word of mouth and referrals became our best marketing tool. Constantly our customers would tell us about how much they appreciated our work, our honesty, our fair pricing, and our impeccable service delivery.

From 2010 the business has experienced consistent growth and has diversified its operation into more complex assignments. Shipyard, Diary Processing, Schools, Government Operations, Government Housing Facilities are just a few examples of how the business started to diversify; these special operations came with specific training needs and design of tools to facilitate complex set ups. This has carried into our daily operations.

Miami high-rise development has transformed the skyline of the city in the last 10 years; Powerloaders has been there helping residents move in and out. We have developed expertise in all the buildings and towers from Aventura to South Miami, our operations team maintains an updated database of the procedures, standards, and requirements for the majority of the new residential scenery making it easy for you and us to schedule our job.

The digital society is here. Our customers are demanding and expect personalized solutions to their needs. Todays customer wants to spend more time in activities that enrich his life and has lesser time for logistic housing needs. We are transforming as an organization to adapt to the current digital environment. How about having your personal porter to manage your storage room, how about a certified organizer come to you and arrange your home from kitchen to garage; love special occasions but don’t want to invest time setting your décor? We are here to help. Follow our development as an organization that is here to facilitate your logistics.

A True White Glove Experience

The key to providing a white-glove service is being exceptional in our care, attention, and attitude toward your personal belongings. Characterized by an attention to detail, convenience, speed, and emotional fulfillment, this high standard of service offers solutions and services that are tailored to each customer’s specific and unique needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best service available, period. We are committed to excellence and complete satisfaction. We take our customers’ needs seriously and we treat their items with ultimate care. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Whether it is just a few boxes in your storage, your family’s home, an entire warehouse, your business office, or your manufacturing facility, our goal is to exceed your expectations. Over the last 17 years we have built a solid reputation with our South Florida customers for our quality at a fair price; our reviews and referrals are our best marketing tool.

Powerloaders® is a full service residential and commercial logistics service provider. Simply said; if you need it moved…we move it.

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Company Vision

Moving must be a pleasant experience and you should be interacting with professional organizations. South Florida is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing regions in USA; the moving services industry has not been able to cope with the growth pace of the tri-country area.

Taking care of your belongings must be a serious business.

At Powerloaders we are determined to give our residents professional moving and logistics services. We will thrive to become the preferred Moving company in our community and expand our business lines to offer you exceptional services for all moving and storage services.

Our Services

Any type of move, anywhere, we can handle it all.